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Book launched on November 18, 2022

Former Los Angeles Times publishing executive and mayor of La Mirada, Ed Eng, announces his debut as an author with the release of his first book, ‘The Accidental Mayor’. The softcover and Kindle versions of the book are available to purchase on Amazon. THE ACCIDENTAL MAYOR explores an Asian-American’s immigrant journey from the streets of Chinatown, Los Angeles to the unexpected boardrooms of American politics and corporate bureaucracy. Ed retells stories from his early life, surviving gang violence through basketball and humor, to his experiences as an engineer, executive, and father that all led him to become the first Asian mayor of the city of La Mirada. The Accidental Mayor illustrates how difficult it is to immediately understand why things in life happen the way they do. Ed unpacks universal themes of perseverance, relationships, love, hardship and empathy to emphasize that only in hindsight, does the opacity of our ups and downs become clearer.

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